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    Professional commitment to industry, environmental protection, water quality, gas and other instrumentation fields

    Shenzhen frank electronics co., LTD., founded in 2003, professional committed to the industry, environmental protection, water, gas, and other areas of the instrument, the collection research and development, production, sales as one. Main products are: all kinds of AZ AZ instruments in Taiwan, Hong Kong away AR instrument and meter, coating thickness gauge, metal detector, the depth of the negative ion tester, high frequency signal generator, acid and alkali tester, dissolved oxygen meter, conductivity detector, the radiation dose meter, gas meter, water quality analyzer, particle counter, air pressure meter, noise meter, anemometer, GOS analog oscilloscope. Deep laser distance measuring instrument, infrared temperature measurement instrument, wind instrument, air flow meter, sound level meter, temperature and humidity meter, dew point meter, gas detection instruments and meters, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, desiccant moisture cabinets, shielding box, electromagnetic radiation detector, bei valley radiation testing instrument, shielding net room, high and low temperature test chamber, away vibration is in Hong Kong, Taiwan AZ quadrant instrument and equipment such as water quality.

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